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Welcome home to Nazaré!

14 June 2020

We are so happy for Pia and Lasse – happy being able to say: Welcome home to Nazaré! We went together with the Swedish couple when they opened the door to their new home for the first time on June 10th. Later than planned due to Covid-19 but finally they were able to get on a flight to Portugal. They are moving in to the popular residential area “Tapada” in the neighbourhood of Sítio in Nazaré, and with a view to the famous Praia do Norte.

House with a personal touch

What a beautiful house and nice design! You can really tell that Pia has a special feeling for colors and design.

All who have built a home at one time know that there are quite a few decisions to make throughout the construction process. We are impressed of how fast Pia and Lasse decided on floors, tiles, kitchen, bathrooms, taps etc. We went with them to the showrooms and they made the decisions – they knew what they were looking for, that´s for sure. All done in one day – impressive! Of course, there have been many other decisions to make as well, but they have been solved with them in Sweden and us here in Nazaré, Portugal. We are happy being able to help out, coming with advice, taking pictures and translating from Portuguese to Swedish.

It started with a show tour

First time we met was during a show tour in the fall of 2017. During the summer of 2018 they decided to build a house and now they are moving in. New way of life and new adventures. We would also like to take the opportunity to congratulate the newly married couple!

A sincere welcome from Imo Nazaré / Portugal Agent to Pia and Lasse to their new home and life in Nazaré!

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