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Since 2009 Portugal has a tax regime that is very favourable for foreign pension capital. The reform aims to make Portugal an interesting country to move to for foreigners with specific academic degrees, for retirement and for people with investment capital. The reform is also expected to encourage Portuguese people living abroad with a large capital to return to Portugal.

For some countries, like Sweden, the tax reform is extremely favourable since it will give them zero tax on pension and capital gains. This means that you can afford retiring earlier than you originally thought and live in a new exciting country.

Now, a few years after the implementation of the tax regime, more and more people have heard about this and the interest of moving to Portugal is clearly increasing.

Some tips when considering moving to Portugal:

  • Move to Portugal only if you really like the country and if you feel that this is a home for you! To gain full benefit of the tax regime you need to live in Portugal for at least 5 years
  • Why not buying something before you retire, so that you get a feeling if you like it or not
  • If you do everything the right way you may save a lot of money. However, avoid tricks and pushing the boundaries unnecessarily

In our link archive you will find more information – there is a lot of information on the internet about this!

Are you looking for a qualified tax advisor in Portugal? We suggest that you contact GPA in Lisbon. Would you like some more information about the NHR tax regime? Please fill in the form below and the document ”Non Habitual Residence Tax Regime” will be sent to you – free of charge.

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