Show tours

Join us on our show tour to Portugal and the beautiful Silver Coast and Nazaré. We will spend 3 full days together exploring the area, learn about the property buying process, enjoy lunches and dinners. And of course, show properties that our guests would like to see.

Show tours to the Silver Coast and Nazaré 2020

We do our tours in small groups, max 8 people. That way, we ensure having enough time for your questions and personal requests on what to visit.

  • October 21 – 25
  • We are also arranging show tours in Swedish April 29 – May 3 and Oct 17 – 21

Do I need to sign-up for something? Absolutely not! This is not a “sales tour” meaning that we do not put any obligations on our guests. Furthermore, we do not have any mandatory property visits. Instead we will do our best to show as many parts of the Silver Coast and Nazaré as possible. We simply believe that Nazaré and the Silver Coast sell themselves!

The flight, hotel and associated costs

Flight and hotel are paid by the participants. Flying time from Amsterdam or London to Lisbon is approx. 3 hours and there are several different alternatives to choose from. There are also many different hotels in Nazaré. We are happy to assist in booking a hotel if you like. Price ranges for 3 to 4-star hotels: 60€ – 95€ per night for two persons in a double room.

You pay 100€ per person for the show tour which includes transport back and forth Lisbon airport – Nazaré and roundtrips during the 3 days.

Do I need to travel these exact days?

No, not at all! You are of course welcome to arrive earlier or depart later, but you will then have to organize for the transfer to/from Lisbon yourself. If you stay a bit longer, we are able to give you a deeper insight to different areas and properties.

Your guides

The guides will be some of the partners of Portugal Agent, Kari Forsén and/or Niklas Forsén from Sweden and Renato Silva from Nazaré.

Contact Kari Forsén for registration and questions

Phone: +46-70-910 95 60. Mail: kari@portugalagent.com

Welcome to the Silver Coast – the best coastal strip in Europe!

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Portugal Agent – the story

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