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Two hikes north of Nazaré

24 May 2021

We have written about our hike from Sítio da Nazaré to Vale Furado before. We like this route, but you need to be aware of the tide. Follow us on this updated version that also includes a new part of the route. Furthermore, we have also included a shorter version – instead of all the way to Vale Furado we head north first and then make a loop back to Nazaré via the cliff by the lighthouse – the Farol da Nazaré.

Here they are! More pictures below

Hike 1: Sítio – Vale Furado – Sítio

Short description
Sítio da Nazaré – Vale Furado – Sítio da Nazaré
Distance: 21 km
Climbing: 147 m

Start the hike tour from Sítio on Rua da Serraçäo heading northeast. When the paved street makes a sharp right up on the hill you keep on walking straight ahead on the gravel road. Take the left part of the road just after you enter it. This is where the nice part starts. Nice green nature through woods and fields with no traffic. Check out the picture from the GPS-watch and compare that with Google maps and you will find the way.

Pass over the paved road “Atlantica” and continue straight on over the clear-felled area. Continue on the trail into the woods. After approx. 100 m, make a right turn onto the tractor path. A very nice part of the hike starts here, through the pine tree woods heading north. Cross the gravel road where the windmills are onto a narrow path that leads to the beach. Now you are on a northern part of Praia do Norte.

When walking on the beach you will find the way for sure. Just keep on walking north until you reach Vale Furado. But beware of the tide! Close to Vale Furado there is a passage with rocks that you can only pass during low tide. We estimate that it is ok to pass around 1 hour before and after low tide. And of course, during low tide as well.

Suggestion: Begin the hike around two hours before low tide. By doing so, you will reach the narrow part without a problem. The exact time for when there is low tide changes day by day.

Tide time for Nazaré is found here:  Tide-forecast

The part of the hike on the sand is somewhat tough. This time we chose to bring our electric bikes to Vale Furado before starting the hike. By doing so, we had an easy ride back home. Of course, it is possible to walk back as well, either on the paved bike road next to the road “Atlantica” or back on the beach.

When in Vale Furado, we suggest a lunch or dinner at MAD.

Five years ago, we did this tour for the first time. That day we also walked back on the bike road. It´s only in Swedish but you will find some nice pictures from the hike here.  

Hike 2: Round tour Sítio by the beach

Short description
Round tour north of Sítio an back on the beach by the lighthouse
Distance: 8 km
Climbing: 135 m

This is a shorter version of hike 1, but instead of heading north when you reach the beach you turn left instead and go back on the beach to the lighthouse “Farol da Nazaré”. When reaching the cliff by the lighthouse you will find the stairs (be careful!) uphill to the the lighthouse. When turning back up to the main square, use the trail to the right of the road, right on the edge of the cliff. The view from here is spectacular!

Other hikes on the Silver Coast

The Salgado tour (only in Swedish). This is one of our favorites!
Distance: 11 km
Climbing: 330 m, partly a bit rocky.
Estimate time: 2 hrs 30 min.

Sitio Round tour jogging
(This one is similar to hike 2 above)
Distance: 6,5 km
Climbing: 135 m


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