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Best jogging and hiking in Nazaré

23 May 2020

Welcome to our favourite jogging and hiking tour in Nazaré on the Silver coast of Portugal. This is actually the most beautiful and varied one we have ever had outside our doorstep in our whole life. Simply the best!

Hiking and jogging in Portugal: The tour of Sítio in Nazaré

Check out the jogging tour we usually do. It starts and ends in charming Sítio where there is a breathtaking view over Nazaré. It passes on trails in the nature that not many tourists find. On the way you pass by the Atlantic Ocean and the magnificent Praia do Norte.

If you start from Nazaré and “Praia” you either take the walking trail up and down from there – that will give you even more exercise. Or why not use the funicular? That stops right where the track begins. Very convenient.

It is easy to make the tour longer or shorter if you like. That is easiest to do in the northern part of the trail. See more about that om the map and pictures below.

Start and finish

Rua do Horizonte, on the compass rose next to the station of the funicular in Sítio.
Total length: 6,5 km
Meters above sea level (MASL) at start: 125 m
Total climbing: Approx. 135 m
Follow the map counter clockwise (see pictures below)

Begin in the Sítio neighbourhood

Continue on the ridge in a northeast direction. Go straight ahead in the roundabout above Continente and Lidl. Follow the road to the left after the building that is under construction (we have a 3-bedroom apartment for sale here). When you are here you have done approx. 1,4 km.

From asphalt to trail

Now the trails and dirt roads start. Turn right before the little farm (with hen, sheep, ducks and even a peacock!). Follow the trail straight ahead into the woods, turn left on the dirt road where the field opens up. Now you are starting to descend towards the Atlantic ocean and Praia do Norte.

After approx 300 m, turn right on the first trail you see that leads to the main road, Estrada Atlantica. Cross the road and continue straight ahead. There is a fireplug to the left where the trail continues. Now you have done 2,5 km and you are on 90 MASL.

Into the woods

Go straight into the woods. Hilly terrain, very calm – listen to the birds! Eventually you reach the sand dunes above Praia do Norte. Take the sandy little hill up to the right and a then left – going south. You see the lighthouse in distance and you have done 3,6 km. Continue southwards onto the trail leads on to the hiking trail marked with red/yellow poles.

Praia do Norte

At 4,3 km you reach a parking. Cross that and continue on the dirt road towards the lighthouse cliff. Take a right out on the sand where you feel like it – it is quite tuff to do walking/jogging in the sand! Continue to the tip of the cliff (@ 5,1 km) where you can climb up on it (beware if it is high tide – the waves can be big!). When you are on the cliff you see the stairs without rails. A bit scary but it looks worse than it is. Be careful – make sure not to stumble!

Climbing up

This is the part of the tour where you have the steepest climbing – from sea level up to 50 MASL. Follow the marked hiking trail towards the lighthouse. Pass on the inside of the poles by the entrance. Why? Just because!

From here you either do the walking/jogging on the paved road back to the square in Sítio or you take the trail on the south side of the hill. Only do this in dry conditions and if you are not scared of heights. The views from here are really breathtaking!

Almost done

When you pass the portal with advertisement of the Big wave Surf championship you have done 6 km. Well done!

Pass the big square in Sítio and take a right turn in the first possible alley with stairs. Follow the wall with downtown Nazaré to the right. After 6,5 km and 125 MASL you are back where you started. A bit longer distance if you chose the trails on the way back from the lighthouse.

Nothing like this anywhere else

This trip is much more than just a 6,5 km anywhere. 135 m climbing, asphalt, graveled roads, trails, sand. And the views – you are always going to be impressed!

Hiking together in Nazaré

You are welcome to contact us if you would like to go for a hike or go jogging with us. We are happy to show you the trail the first time.

Suggestion of other hiking tours in the Nazaré area in Portugal  

These tours are currently only in Swedish, so you need to google translate to have them in your local language. If you have any questions about them you are of course welcome to contact us!

Southbound from Nazaré: Serra da Pescaria

Northbound from Nazaré: Vale Furado

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