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Business is back!

28 May 2020

Our clients are starting to come back to us and we are also happy to see that our business is getting back again. Over the last two weeks one family became the new owner of an apartment in Nazaré. And we have 3 apartments reserved!  All of them are new clients to us. We have new properties for sell as well.

New listings

We are proud and happy to say that we keep on having a good flow of sellers who like for us to help them sell their property. Like this

Check out all our properties for sale here.

Mark your favorite properties

Do you know that there is an easy way to mark the listings that you like the most? Go to the For sale page and tick the little star in the upper right corner of the listings you like the most. You will then have them all in one place under “My favorities”.

Visit a property also when you are not here

The clients who have signed deeds and made reservations the last couple of weeks are all living in Portugal. Many people cannot travel from their home countries right now. But it is good to know that Portugal does not in general prevent foreigners from traveling into the country.

We are happy to help you “visit” an apartment, villa or plot that you would like to see even if you cannot travel. Either by making a film of what you would like to see, or we do a live-streaming session. We visit a property and film it while you tell us what you would like to focus on looking at. More info on how we do this here.

Business is back for the community

We are also very happy to see that Portugal has been able to gradually open up the community again. This is done in phases and big caution is of course taken to ensure continued control over covid-19.

  • At the first phase, on May 4th, small shops and enterprises (like ours), hairdressers etc could open.
  • At the second phase – two weeks later on May 18 – restaurants, cafés and museums were allowed to open. Of course, with restricted number of people allowed and ensuring keeping social distance – something that we will probably have to live with for quite some time. So nice being able to have dinner at our favorite local restaurant Sitiado! We are allowed to go to the beach, but beaches are in general without surveillance. Lucky us that this is allowed in this warm weather we are enjoying!
  • At the third phase, by June 1st shopping centers, as well as cinemas, theaters and concert halls are planned to be able to open again.

We really hope that soon all of Portugal can say that business is back!

Beaches are opening up again

And then on June 6th the official bathing season starts. Access to the beach will also be conditioned by rules. Sports activities on the beach with more than 2 people will most likely not be allowed. But nautical activities, surf lessons and similar sports will be allowed. Like everywhere else, the beaches cannot have too many people and there will be a signage system (Green = Low, Yellow = High, Red = Full occupancy) showing the status. Real time info is found on “InfoPraia” app. Rules (in Portuguese) are available here.

Welcome back to Nazaré and the Silver Coast!

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