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We are here – live streaming

18 March 2020

We are in Nazaré, you are somewhere else. We visit what you would like to get a feeling for by live streaming together with you. That could be an apartment, a house, the surroundings – whatever you like.

During these days with covid-19 and travel restrictions we at Portugal Agent find new solutions on how to visit us. Without traveling. Contact us and let us connect live using for example FaceTime. This way we can walk around in the place we have decided to “visit” and you decide on what to look at and what to focus on. Maybe you want to take a closer look at the size of the balcony or the view from there? It could be whatever, you decide right there, right then.

Welcome to the Silver coast of Portugal – the digital and only way during times of corona.

Below are a couple of examples of movies from properties that we visited March 17 and that we put on Youtube. They are just short movies, not in real time and not specific only for you. But you get a feeling for what a tour could be like. Please contact us for a time to do a live streaming – what you like, when you like, as long as you like.

2 bedroom apartment in Nazaré under construction
Price: 357.000€

Breathtaking view, private roof terrace, pool, garage. Under construction. Choose your own design. Move in summer of 2021.

4 bedroom villa in Tapada, Sítio da Nazaré
Price. 335.000€

Villa in a quiet and popular area of Nazaré. Close to nature and the ocean, yet just a few minutes walking distance from the picturesque old part of Sítio da Nazaré and the funicular to Nazaré beach.

3 bedroom apartment with fantastic view, Pederneira, Nazaré
Price: 240.000€

Apartment under construction – ready to move into during the summer of 2020. Small condominium with private pool. Nature around the corner, private path to Nazaré beach.

We are looking forward to meeting you the digital way!

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