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Welcome in to our real estate office!

9 May 2020

First week of May is a good week

We are so happy that we are able to have our office open again! We have changed the routines a little so that we ensure that protect you as a client as well as ourselves now during corona times. One client team at a time and with mask on. We have also mounted special PVC shields at a couple of desks – all to make it as safe as possible.

Check out the movie with Aldina Carlinhos and Kari Forsén at Portugal Agent / Imo Nazaré to see how it all works!

Welcome back to us!

Getting ready for the reopening May 4 – Portugal Agent Nazaré

Warmest day so far this year

Our warmest day so far this year was when we were getting ready for opening up our office again. 28 degrees already in the morning with a peak of 34 degrees in the afternoon. Nice having a pool a day like that!

Nice MTB tour

A group of people joined for a mountainbike tour in the nice weather this week. In total 33 km and 560 height meters. Highest point 130 m above sea level, lowest 5 m. We started in Sítio in Nazaré, went south up to Pederneira, down to the Alcoa river, up again passing by Casal Mota and from there went or real nice off road tracks on the east side of the hill. A short bica (espresso coffee a la Portugal) brake in São Martinho do Porto and then back up on the hill again. Going back on the west side of the hill on nice tracks. And spectacular views!

Clients moving in to their new home

Special week also with our friends and clients who moved in to their new home in Sítio in Nazaré. Fantastic house with many features, nice finishes and amazing views. They will like it there for sure!

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