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Visit us via FaceTime

15 March 2020

Now with the Corona virus we should be not travel if not needed. Therefore, we don’t expect you to visit us here in Nazaré right now. We are working in our office but we keep the door closed. We are available on phone, by mail and social network as usual. And you are welcome to visit our properties and nice surrounding by making use of modern technology!

By using the camera in the mobile combined with FaceTime we are able to show properties and surrounding areas real time on your mobile. You stay where you are and we, who are here on the Silver Coast of Portugal make the tour of the property that you are interested in. We stay connected anyway!

Contact us and tell us what you would like to see. We decide on a time to “meet” and then we show you what you are interested in using FaceTime. That could be specific properties for sale that you would like to take a closer look at. But also different areas of the Silver Coast of Portugal;  the famous lighthouse of Nazaré and Praia do Norte or maybe you are interested in another town on the Silver Coast?  Beautiful places like São Martinho do Porto, Foz do Arelho, Óbidos, Caldas da Rainha or Baleal.

Don´t let the corona virus stop you. With modern technology we will make you visit places that you are interested in anyway. And then when we can travel again you will have a better view of what you really like.

Welcome to Nazaré and the Silver Coast on FaceTime!

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