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Trip to Portugal, Silver Coast and Nazaré

4 October 2019

Flight, hotel and associated costs

The flight and hotel are paid by the participants. Flight time between Amsterdam and Lisbon is around 3 hours, with several flights at your disposal. There is also a diverse range of hotels in Nazareth. We will be happy to help you book a hotel if you wish. Average price for 3 to 4 star hotels: € 60 – € 95 per night for two people in a double room.Participation per person is 100 €, includes transportation from Lisbon – Nazaré airport and vice versa and local trips during the 3 days.

Do I have to travel on the days indicated?

Not really! Of course you can arrive earlier or leave later, but you will have to organize the transfer yourself from Lisbon to Nazaré and from Nazaré to Lisbon. If you stay longer, we can provide a more detailed overview of the different areas and properties.

Your guides

The guides will be some of Portugal Agent partners Kari and Niklas Forsén from Sweden and our colleague Irma Koelewijn (Dutch).

Contact Kari Forsén for Registration and Clarification

Phone: + 46-70-910 95 60. Email: kari@portugalagent.com

Welcome to the Silver Coast – the most beautiful!

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