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General Data Protection Regulation

23 May 2018

GDPR and Imo Nazaré

Imo Nazaré has a GDPR policy. Read more about this and how we handle client information.

Imo Nazaré has a GDPR policy in a sense that we do not do anything that is illegal according to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). We save the contact info of our clients in order for us to keep in contact with you as a client, not more than that. We do not share this information with others, so you will not receive any advertisement generated by us. At Portugalagent – our Swedish part of the company – we send out a newsletter maximum 5 times per year and we might start doing that to our clients from other countries as well. Last year we sent out three news letters to our Swedish clients. Not more than that.

This is what we do with our simple client database

We collect information about name, phone number and mail address. Sometimes we also log how we got in contact with the client. For example, at a fair in Sweden or during a visit in Nazaré. Or it could be a contact that we got by phone or mail or that the client has requested for information in a form at our website.

We do not share the client info with anyone else or for any other reason than to keep in contact with you as a client. If you are a part of our client database you can be assured that we will not sell your contact info to anyone or that we will use your name in any place, like on social media. You can ask for the information we have about you at any time and if you would like to be removed from the register, just tell us and we will do so.

Imo Nazaré and GDPR

  • We register name, phone number and mail address
  • We also register how we got in contact with you as a client (exhibition, website, mail, phone, visit in Portugal etc)
  • If you show interest in a specific object that we have for sale, we will log that so that we can give you further help in finding a property in Portugal
  • We never register anything else than the above. You can be assured that we will NOT register or comment on our clients´ ethnic origin, religion, salary, occupation, age, sexual orientation, political opinion or other personal data
  • We do not share our register with any 3rd party
  • We do not sell information in the register to anyone
  • We never use the information in the register for any other purpose than to keep in contact with our clients. You will not be a part of social media, blogs etc through us
  • You are welcome to ask for the information that we have about you as a client at any time. By doing this, you can control what information we have about you
  • You can, at any time, ask to be removed from the register


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