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Nazaré tourist demand spread throughout the year

25 January 2018

The numbers of the diversity of nationalities and attendance are proof that Nazaré is fashionable, and that the promotion actions of the county at home and abroad were timely. We are going to the tourism fairs and we have been working hard the market of incentives to visit a territory with unique characteristics, “said Walter Chicharro, Mayor.

In total, about 93 different nationalities passed through the information counters on the municipality of Nazaré, namely: Kazakhstan; Dubai; Guiana; Faroe Islands; French Polynesia (in the Market Pit); no Website: Armenia; Cape Verde; Caribbean; Costa do Marfim; Hawaii; Madagascar; Senegal and Somalia.

The Tourism Office of the Site, operating since May 2017 at the initiative of the City Council, filling an old need, at the same time that allowed to cover new markets, namely religious tourism, which flows in great flows to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Nazareth , several centuries ago.

The data collected in the two PITs show the growth of visitors from Spain; Canada; USA; Brazil; Poland; Italy and Switzerland; Sweden; Australia and Belgium.

In total, there were 21,456 requests for information about the municipality at the Praia da Nazaré post and 14,470 at the Sítio site, located in the vicinity of the Sanctuary.

Through the records, a flow of tourism is evident during more months throughout the year, taking the weight of visits exclusively in the summer, and sun and beach tourism, and avoiding the problem of seasonality, registered by many sea and beach destinations.

“The total income from tourism is already visible throughout the year in Nazaré, which is one of the most well-known tourist brands in the national territory.”

News “City Hall of Nazaré”

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