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“Nazaré Challenge 2016” – The waves of Nazaré

27 October 2016

In evidence in Nazaré are surfers as the South African Grant Twiggy Bake, current world champion, the American Greg Long, former world champion and Garrett McNamara, surf legend of big waves and pioneer in Nazaré.

Alignment of twenty-four competitors-six guests, there is the presence of four Portuguese surfers: Alex Botelho, Antonio Silva, João de Macedo and Hugo Vau. The Portuguese  Nicolau Von Rupp is on the substitutes list.

Of the 24 ‘big riders’ that makes up the steps, 11 forward from the previous year and four will be awarded Surfers Big Wave Awards. They still join up three ‘wildcards’ BWT and six regional guests.

Each stage will have a cash prize of $ 100,000 (about 91,000 euros), and the world champion will also win $ 100,000.

The Portuguese event will also include the award of an Exploitation Exchange ‘EDP Tour’, worth 2,000 euros, allocated under the program “EDP Mar Sem Fim” and will be delivered to the Portuguese top-ranked surfer.

The Nazaré Challenge will be one of three events in the Northern Hemisphere, replacing the Punta Galea Challenge on the calendar, as the Basque race passes the qualifying event.

Photos fom Miguel Chaby.



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