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Praia da Nazaré with surveillance throughout the year from September 16th

11 September 2017

Nazaré Beach will be watched throughout the year, starting on September 16th. The protocol of collaboration between the Municipality and the Association of Nazaré Saving Swimmers for beach surveillance was approved today until December 31, 2018.

The agreement includes the transfer of Moto Quatro by the Municipality to the Association, as well as the payment of fuel for its operation and rescue swimmers (5 rescuer swimmers for a period of 16 months, 3 rescue swimmers for a period of 3 months for reinforcement during the season bathing, 3 rescue swimmers on duty at the start of the year, and regularization of the difference of the value paid by the concessionaires to 17 rescuer swimmers).

As an excellent bathing holidays destination, Nazaré is visited annually by thousands of tourists.
The high number of visitors obliges the reinforcement of the surveillance and assistance to bathers, through the contracting of swimmers in non-concessionary beach areas and the addition of equipment and devices of surveillance, rescue and assistance to bathers, and even outside the bathing season .

“The Municipality opted to take the investment in bathers’ safety and the expenses associated with surveillance,” said Walter Chicharro, mayor of Nazaré.

For the mayor this is another effort in promoting a safe and with quality beach for families.

In addition to the financial support and motorcycle 4, the Municipality acquired all the necessary equipment to perform the functions of the swimmers, such as boards, uniforms and floats, handed over to the guards.

The Association will ensure the surveillance of Praia da Nazaré, as well as Praia do Norte, continuously.

“I think we will be the only ones in the country to have a beach guarded for 12 months a year. We have fulfilled, therefore, one of the needs spoken for years, “added the mayor.

News of the City Hall of Nazaré

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