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Plogging in Nazaré and Alcobaça

18 January 2022

Take the opportunity to meet the founder of Plogging, Erik Ahlström! The event begins with a short seminar that describes what this is all about, directly followed by a real Plogging session. Alcobaça Thursday January 20 at 16:30. Nazaré, Friday January 21 at 16:30.

Plogging – The environmental and fitness movement from Sweden that is cleaning the world!

Plogga – or Plogging in English – is a growing movement founded in Sweden with the simple idea to pick up garbage and jog. The name is an acronym of the Swedish words for picking and jogging (“Plocka & Jogga”). Since its start in 2017 the movement is spreading like a wildfire across the globe. More info in the links below.

We are very happy to have the founder of Plogga, Erik Ahlström, with us in Nazaré for some days in January 2022. And we would like to use this opportunity! Erik offers all who are curios to hear about Plogging to attend an event with him. At the same time, we will make our local environment a bit cleaner. Hopefully this will lead to a positive momentum with Plogging activities week after week. Litter is unfortunately around us everywhere. With time and engagement, we will hopefully be able to make people understand that littering is not ok! People tend not to through garbage on the ground when then see other people picking up after them.

Webpage in English
Instagram: @plogga

The Plogging Events with Erik Ahlström

Each event is divided in two parts: First, a short seminar (around 30 minutes) and directly after that we will go outside and start plogging together for another 30 minutes or as long as we like. All with Erik as our coach! The seminar will be in English.

Note: Jogging is not needed! Walking is fine or running fast – whatever suits each participant best!

Great if you come dressed in sports wear and with a pair of gloves.

Place: Escola Secundária D. Inês de Castro de Alcobaça.  Rua Costa Veiga, 2460-028 Alcobaça
Time: Thursday January 20 2022, at 16:30.

Place: Zulla, Rua Padre Acrisio, 2450-065 Nazaré (Sítio)
Time: Friday January 21 2022, at 16:30
After the event in Nazaré the ones who like will reassemble at the Zulla food truck. Food and drinks are available for purchase there. Enjoy the sunset, have something to eat/drink and plan for the next event!

No fee for the participants. We will ensure there are plastic bags for the waste.

Signing up for the event, contact and questions

We appreciate if you can send a mail to one of us if you like to attend. This is because there is a max number of people allowed in the rooms. Tell us your name and what event (Alcobaça or Zulla) you want to come to. And remember to bring your Covid pass!

Niklas Forsén, niklas@portugalagent.com +46-70-592 60 76
Kari Forsén, kari@portugalagent.com +46-70-910 95 60

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