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8 March 2017

Nazaré – Beach, an eighteenth-century urban nucleus, was formed and developed with fishing, but still in the nineteenth century, came to associate tourism. From there, Nazaré saw its growth associated with other activities such as: commerce, canning, transportation, hotels and restaurants.

The immensity of our sea generated the conviction that nothing could alter the characteristics and vitality of such a vast system. However, the current global depletion of marine resources has been counter to the idea that certain fishery resources are inexhaustible.

The technological progress that has been felt in recent decades in fisheries, with the consequent increase in vulnerability and intensification of exploitation, has caused serious imbalances in populations and ecosystems.

In this context, the problem of the preservation of marine ecosystems requires a joint reflection of all stakeholders in the fisheries sector in order to achieve viable and sustainable solutions for the balance of ecosystems.

The strategic importance of the Sea to Nazaré, the valorization of the association of this land and its people to the sea, as a factor of identity are undeniable. The focus on scientific knowledge and the protection of the marine ecosystem, which will enable Nazaré to achieve a leading position and specialization in maritime affairs, are crucial.

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