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Penthouse Virtual tour

10 July 2020

Watch our latest virtual tour of a property. This time you will be able to “walk around” in the #1 Penthouse in Nazaré. Click the tab “Virtual Tour” above the picture. This is a top floor 2 bedroom apartment with a terrace of more than 90 sqm! The view from all rooms and the terrace is absolutely amazing! You see the neighbourhood of Pederneira facing east and all the way to Peniche in south. The Berlengas islands in west, the famous lighthouse “Farol do Nazaré” in northwest, the neighbourhood of Sítio in north etc etc. Always changing views.

The virtual tour starts by the main entrance on street level. There is the concierge service. We take the elevator up to the apartment and open the door. Walk around in the apartment and check it out yourself. Make sure you don´t miss the views from the terrace – almost 360 degrees.

Why do we label this as the #1 Penthouse in Nazaré? There are many reasons, but in our opinion, these are the main:

  • The location
  • The view
  • The terrace

There aren´t any other modern apartments with features like this one in Nazaré – that is for sure. Contact our real estate agent Renato Silva (Portuguese, English and French) or Niklas Forsén (Swedish and English) for more information about this extraordinary apartment.

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