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New Real estate agent – New region

11 June 2020

We are expanding to a new region with a new real estate agent!  Now we are expanding to Santa Cruz, Praia Azul and Torres Vedras in the southern part of the Silver coast. We are really happy in welcoming our new real estate agent Jörgen Kirchhoff who will be responsible for this region.

Our new real estate agent and region

Jörgen lives in Praia Azul located in the southern part of Santa Cruz. With Jörgen, Portugal Agent will have a real estate agent also in the southern part of the Silver coast. Jörgen will be focusing on the coastal areas around Santa Cruz, the beautiful hilly countryside with vineyards and farms east of Santa Cruz and the genuine Portuguese town Torres Vedras.

Santa Cruz is located on the coast between Peniche in north and Ericeira in south. The main city is Torres Vedras, approx. 15 km inland from Santa Cruz. The distance from Santa Cruz to the airport of Lisbon is approx. 60 km.

This is Jörgen

Jörgen is from Denmark, but he has lived more than 20 years in Sweden. He moved to Portugal and Santa Cruz/Praia Azul two years ago. His wife, Erika is from Brazil and she has been living in Portugal for more than 10 years. Erika will eventually also start working as a real estate agent. She will focus on sellers and buyers from Portugal and Brazil.

Jörgen and Erika as a team talk 4 different languages: Danish, Swedish, English and Portuguese. A real asset for both sellers and buyers!

This is how Jörgen presents himself:

“I have been working in the travel agency/charter flight industry for more than 30 years. Human resources at its best, high service level as well as travel and overall happiness in life are my key themes. I am married to a Portuguese woman. We have a shop in Torres Vedras and I love playing golf. We live in Praia Azul just south of Santa Cruz. It was easy for me to convince Portugal Agent to expand to this area as well. “

Contact Jörgen Kirchhoff at Portugal Agent if you are thinking of buying or selling an apartment or house in Santa Cruz, Praia Azul or Torres Vedras!

If you are Danish

Please contact Jörgen. His native language is Danish and he can help you with all properties that Portugal Agent has for sale. That includes properties in all areas that Portugal Agent operates, not only Santa Cruz and Torres Vedras. It is always easier being able to speak your native language – especially when you are about to do one of the most important investments in life!

Hele teksten på danskklik her

Contact with Jörgen: Jörgen Kirchoff

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