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Nazaré is already one of the big wave circuit queens

27 April 2016

Three years after leaving everything and everyone amazed; image that went viral, North beach will appear in the competitive calendar.

The World Surf League (WSL, an organization that manages the professional surfing) has released the schedule of Big Wave Tour (BWT) 2016-17, with an important innovation for the Portuguese public. The Nazaré Challenge will be one of three events on the world circuit of big waves, in the northern hemisphere and can take place between October 15 and February 28.

“We have walked to be challenged by the President of the Nazaré Municipality, and I, being the representative of the WSL in Portugal, the more top events able to do better,” says Francisco Spinola, who since 2009 organizes the stage of the world championship in Supertubos (Peniche).

“Four years ago nobody thought it was possible to surf those waves in rowing, no one had ever done. The big-wave surfing has been evolving at a breakneck pace!

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