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Nazaré in Party from 5 to 9 September

17 August 2018

The event “Nazaré em Festa”, which takes place on the occasion of the Feasts in Honor of Our Lady of Nazaré, will take place from September 5th to 9th, at the Parque Atlântico, in Sítio da Nazaré.

There will be five days of outdoor music, in an area with a show of activities, a zone of diversions and gastronomy of the region.

For the stage of the concerts will be Fernando Daniel, Jimmy P., the Musical “Cantar Nazaré”, the Festival of Folklore and the Big Band of the Municipality of Nazaré with Teresa Radamanto on the day of the Municipality (8 of September) and Virgul.

Nazaré Program in Feast 2018
September 5: Fernando Daniel (10 pm)
September 6: Jimmy P (10 pm)
September 7: “Cantar Nazaré” – Musical (10:00 pm)
September 8: Folklore Festival (4:30 pm) and Big Band with Teresa Radamanto (10:30 pm)
9 of September: Virgul (22h00)

The Nazaré Program in Feast is an initiative of the Municipality of Nazaré and Confraria N. S. da Nazaré.

News “City Hall of Nazaré”


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