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Nazaré celebrates the Day of the Sea Man

27 April 2016

Nazaré will celebrate the Day of the Sea Man with a maritime procession and a show as a tribute to fisherman, next weekend.

The tribute to fishermen, and their contribution to the economy and local identity, begins on Saturday, April 30, with the procession on land, (from the  Chapel of S. Pedro Capela de N. Senhora dos Aflitos), followed by Mass at beach (with the Captaincy) and a musical show , with Guilherme Azevedo; Joana Codinha; Rita Coelho, Tatiana André e Miguel Ângelo and the participation of the Ethnographic Dance Group and Nazaré Song.

On the 1st May, the religious images will be transported from the Chapel of N. S. dos Aflitos to the vessels which carried out the Maritime Procession of the Sea Man’s Day.

Highlighting the importance of the fisheries sector and fishermen to Nazaré,  are some of the objectives of this initiative of the parish of Pederneira – Nazaré, which has the support of the Nazaré Municipality.


April 30th
15h00: Procession on land (the Chapel of S. Pedro to the Chapel of N. S. dos Aflitos)
16h00: Mass in Areal (with the Captaincy)
17h30: Spectacle tribute to the Fisherman (stage by the Captaincy)

May 01
15h00: images of course (Chapel N.S. dos Aflitos – Pederneira – Sítio – Nazaré Beach)
16h00: Maritime Procession of the Sea Man’s Day

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