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Nazaré celebrates the traditional Feast of S. Brás, on February 3

30 January 2018

The old popular custom of the ascent to the chapel of S. Bartolomeu, ascending the steep steps until reaching one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the whole region, coexists peacefully with the profane party. At the foot of the mountain, thousands of people camped during the day in a real picnic environment, and around bonfires roast beef and sausages, well-watered.

It is in this scenario that the carnival of Nazaré starts, with music, dancing and many masked people. During the afternoon, there will be a public presentation of the Carnival Kings of Nazaré.

The Romaria of S. Brás. The origins of the S. Bras brasserie, considered one of the most popular popular manifestations of Nazaré, are lost in the times and confused with the legend.

According to the oral tradition, when Frei Romano and D. Rodrigo, the last Visigothic king in the Iberian Peninsula, took refuge in Nazaré, they brought, besides the image of Our Lady of Nazareth, the relics of S. Brás and S. Bartolomeu. The veneration of the two saints resisted the passing of time, and if St. Bartolomeu gave the name to the hill where the hermitage is located, S. Brás maintains his pilgrimage as one of the most important popular feasts in the whole region.

News from the City Hall of Nazaré


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