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National Championship 2016 Kayaksurf and Waveski

14 June 2016

It is in the coming days 25 and 26 June, that Nazaré receives the 2nd Stage of the National Championship Kayaksurf and Waveski organized by the Nazaré Alternative Sports Club in conjunction with the Portuguese Canoe Federation.

This is another form of great waves spectacular sports whose athletes have expressed willingness to return to compete in the famous Nazarene waves. The terms and categories that will be in evidence are: Kayaksurf IC, Kayaksurf HP, Waveski and Fun.

This test will feature the award trophy Best Wave Watertech, the athlete with the best performance during the race.

Registration for federated athletes are now open and will be held at the address:

In the category Fun, can also compete not federated athletes and registration can be made through the cdan.nazare@gmail.com email or through the facebook page of this club.

Saturday, the 25th, will be held the dinner gathering this stage, so those interested should confirm their presence at the registration in the race.

The place and time of check-in will be announced on the 23th June.

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