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Giant Mural of “Great Waves”

26 October 2016

Nazaré is the first village outside Brazil to receive a wall of the “Sea Giants”, a project that the artist Erick Wilson started 2 years ago, and is intended to draw the community’s attention to the oceans, marine life, their preservation and conservation.
Surfer and diver, known as Ocean Artist, Erick Wilson demonstrated his passion for the sea from an early age, making paintings with marine subjects in paintings and murals.
The fame of a giant wave that put Nazaré under the world look, and Erick´s family connections to Portugal, led to the submission of a proposal for painting the wave of North Beach in a place to give visibility to the project and local chosen.
Wave and Forte de S. Miguel Arcanjo painting, already visible in the wall (wi the Lift), has also a personal meaning for Erick. The author leaves in Nazaré, a tribute to his mother, who died in November 2015, who promised to bring his vision and art out of his country, involving everyone in the construction of the beautiful and the appreciation of the blue planet art conservation.
“I dedicate this wall to my mother and my grandparents. This painting has a very special meaning for me. I’m just giving a gift to Nazaré, place known worldwide for its waves, as I am to continue to do that – portraying giant waves and marine animals, and to honor a commitment to my family. ”
With over 300 square meters in size, the painting has, like all the murals, the aim of raising awareness of the need to preserve nature.
Who has contact with Erick Wilson’s work understands that it is not only to contemplate the seascapes, blue tones and the transparency of water, but listen to the silence of the depths of these waters, the life that throbs in his work, calm, quiet and serene.
“The concern is to pass not only the beauty, but also to feel what we spend. We must act quickly to save the planet and believe that art is a powerful instrument of change. ”
With eight murals signed in Brazilian cities, the artist feels that his work has awakened in people the desire to want to learn more about the pictured species and contribute to its preservation.
In Nazaré, the angle placed in a wave that holds the Guiness World Record as the largest ever surfed world (Garrett McNamara, 2011), the mural shows beauty and power of nature. “How can you be a wave that big? Nature is fantastic. People can feel it. Feel close to the wave, this my painting. ”


News of the City of Nazaré Municipality.

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