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Marisa Liz opens the Valado dos Frades 2018 Jazz Festival

6 April 2018

The opening of one of the most emblematic jazz festivals in the region, Jazz Valado dos Frades will have as guest the singer Marisa Liz, lead singer of “Amor Electro”. The concert will be on April 30, at 9.30 pm, at the Cine-teatro da Nazaré.

The first of several concerts of this Festival, which will release the final poster soon, will take place on International Jazz Day, and outside its official headquarters (BIR – Library and Instruction and Recreation of Valado dos Frades).

With its 21 years of existence, exclusively dedicated to Portuguese Jazz, where some international musicians and more renowned national jazz players have already passed, the Valado Festival continues to value national musicians and diversity, young professionals and bet on the formation of audiences , taking the Jazz to the Schools.

Concert Big Band of the Municipality of Nazaré with Marisa Liz
9:30 pm
Cine-teatro da Nazaré
Information and reservations: reservascntn@iol.pt. Phone 937 340 023

News of the “City Hall of Nazaré”

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