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Imo Nazaré celebrating 3 Years Anniversary

20 April 2018

Three successful, fun and interesting years so far. We are celebrating this by inviting YOU to a mingle party. Welcome to the Imo Nazaré office Saturday April 28, 2018 between 16:00 and 19:00. We will be serving snacks and something to drink. You will also meet some of our partners that we work with and of course all of us working at Imo Nazaré.

Most importantly – we are looking forward to seeing you – Open house!

Most welcome!

The pictures below were taken during the Imo Nazaré Opening day on April 30, 2015. If you come to our 3-year anniversary, maybe you will be on the picture for this celebration!?

Our first three years
How do you describe your first three years? How, or maybe why, do two Swedish persons decide to start a company in Portugal? We have never had any doubts, and not any second thoughts. The business has been healthy from the beginning and things have developed smoothly over time. This is much thanks to our partners Rita Brilhante and Renato Silva and most importantly thanks to YOU. All of you who have trusted us to sell your property through us. And all of you who have bought a property from us. Without you – no success. Thank You!

This is how we are set up
Imo Nazaré is owned by three parties that are also the founders; Rita Brilhante (25%), Renato Silva (25%) and Portugalagent/Alturadiante Lda (50%). Portugalagent is a registered trademark in Sweden and is owned by the Portuguese company Alturadiante Lda (that is owned by Kari and Niklas Forsén)

Why did we start the business in Nazaré?
It all started with Niklas & Kari Forsén together with Calle Sjöberg seeing a big potential in the real estate business in Nazaré – at that time almost unknown to all Swedish people. A fantastic city on the coast, close to Lisbon, without charter tourism, living all year around. And on top of that: the NHR regime giving Swedes and other foreigners fantastic possibilities. That should mean a positive market opportunity, the troika thought – already in 2012.

The year after, the team bought private properties by two very nice and liable real estate agents, namely Rita Brilhante and Renato Silva.

Time went on and things got more and more interesting. Nazaré really proved to be a fantastic place and shouldn´t the market be picking up soon? Maybe we could start a real estate business here in Nazaré together with Rita and Renato?

Niklas and Calle started to have conversations with the two talents during the spring of 2014 and after some persuasion they jumped on the train. The capital that was needed to start the business came from the Swedish part. The knowledge and network around real estate in Nazaré came from Rita and Renato. Simply a Win-Win!

The site portugalagent.com was open to public in March 2015, imonazare.pt a bit later. We had our grand opening on the 30th of April 2015 in newly renovated premises in the center of Nazaré.

Founders and owners are Rita Brilhante, Renato Silva and Portugalagent/Alturadiante Lda. We also have Clareana Jerónimo working as a real estate agent focusing on the Portuguese and French market and Aldina Carlinhos being our assistant and the smiling face you always see when entering the office.

The rest is – as the story goes – history!

Imo Nazaré, Avenida Vieira Guimarães, No 30L, 2450-110 Nazaré
Phone: +351 262094718

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