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Full action at construction sites

21 April 2020

In the middle of the corona crises we are happy to see that many of the construction sites in Nazaré are active. Here, we are visiting Residência Mar à Vista in the neighborhood Pederneira.

Two heated pools and the Atlantic ocean as the neighbour

With an elevated location in Nazaré on the Silver coast you will find this very special project with 40 apartments in full construction mode. Residência Mar à Vista is built like a U-shape with a big pool area in the middle. The view to the west over Nazaré and the Atlantic Ocean is marvelous. There are two big heated pools in the common area as well as a jacuzzi for 10 people. Big garage under the building.

A total of 40 apartments will be built with 1 – 3 bedrooms. Some are built with two entrances to the apartment – ideal for rental. Apartments on the 2nd floor have private roof top terraces with pergola and jacuzzi. All apartments have good size balconies and sea view. There will also be a concierge service in the building with services like key handling, laundry, taxi, catering etc.

This is a construction that really focuses on high quality solutions and material, an example being the thermic and acoustic insulation. This is one of few constructions in the region that have isolated inner walls with plaster cover.

For more information; plans, sizes, prices etc please contact our real estate agent by mail or phone and we will send you all information. We are also able to visit the site and live-stream from there together with you so that you can see exactly what you want in real time. 

Price range: 224.000 –  502.000€

3D-animations (link)

Real estate agent: Kari Forsén
+46-70-910 95 60

All pictures below were taken April 17, 2020. The movie was shot on of the top floor apartments.

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