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“Exhibition of old vehicles of the Portuguese Navy” in Nazaré, from 15 to 23 July

20 July 2017

Exhibition of old vehicles of the “Portuguese Navy” in Nazaré. From July 15 to 23, meet some of the old and emblematic vehicles of the Navy, in the Municipal Library of Nazaré. This exhibition, which results from a partnership between the Navy and the Nazaré City Hall, is an activity integrated in the celebration of the 700th anniversary of the Navy’s formal creation.
The old Navy vehicles are maintained by the Directorate of Transport through its Museological Nucleus. ”
The opening of the exhibition, which was held on the 15th, was attended by the Captain of the Port of Nazaré, Paulo Sérgio Gomes Agostinho (Captain-Lieutenant); Of officers of the Transport Directorate of the Navy and Hélder J. do Carmo Limpinho, Captain-of-sea-and-war.

The exhibition can be visited daily in the Municipal Library.
Free entrance.

News of the City Hall of Nazaré

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