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Deferment for car inspections in Portugal

29 April 2020

Due to Covid-19 the car inspection stations are currently closed. What should you then do if your car is due for car inspection? No worries – the authorities have given a temporary deferment for car inspections. All cars with a car inspection date after March 13 have until August 13 to do the inspection. The car can be used as normal during this time. No extra document is needed.

When is my car due for inspection? The registration plate shows what month the car is due for inspection. The little green slip in the front window also tells the last date for the upcoming inspection.

The car inspection stations are not completely closed. They are able to handle special requests, like the inspection that is needed when importing a car to Portugal. You need to make an appointment for this.

Contact info to the car inspection station Cima in Casal da Areia by the exit from A8 to Nazaré and Alcobaça:
Mail: servico-obrigatorio@cima-sa.pt
Mobile: +351 939 804 562  (Cima Casal da Areia / Alcobaça)
Cima Casal da Areia : +351 262 544 777
Manager: +351 939 804 569

The information above is based on conversations with the car inspection station Cima in Casal da Areia and the local police in Nazaré.

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