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Sea Man’s Day celebrated in Nazaré in May

4 May 2019

The Day of the Man of the Sea will be celebrated on May 4 and 5 in Nazaré, with the processions on land and at sea.

The commemorations of the date will begin with the procession on land, from the Nazaré Cultural Center to the Chapel of N. S. Aflitos, which will be accompanied by the Philharmonic Majorca and Fanfarra Volunteer Firefighters of Nazaré (May 4). At night, there will be a spectacle of the fisherman (9.30 pm) at the Cineteatro.

On Sunday, before the procession at sea with the traditional three laps to the cove, will be the concert of Toy (12h30), on stage mounted on the sand, near the building of the Captaincy.

The event is a tribute to fishermen, to fishing, to their contributions to the local economy and identity. It is a popular festival of great relevance, and it fulfills a religious tradition of the fishing community, to ask for protection and good work for its patron saints.

Program of the Feast of the Man of the Sea – May 2019
15h00: Earth Procession
16h00: Mass in the Areal (in front of the Captaincy)
21h30 : Nazarene Night – a tribute to the fisherman (Cineteatro)

11h00: Panel CM – Safe Sea (stage in the sand, in front of the Captaincy)
11h40: Nautical Exercise – CM Mar Seguro
12h30: Toy – Concert (stage on the beach, in front of the Captaincy)
15h00 pm: Departure from the andores (from the Chapel N.S Aflitos to the Port of Nazaré)
16h00: Sea Procession of the Man of the Sea

Organization: Parish of Pederneira – Nazaré, Apostolate of the Sea
Collaboration: Municipality of Nazaré

News : From the Municipality of Nazaré


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