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The Silver Coast, or Costa da Prata in Portuguese, is located between Lisbon in the south and Porto in the north. This is the central region of Portugal. The beautiful Atlantic coastline provides many opportunities for a stunning sunset in the ocean, hence the name Silver Coast representing the sun’s reflections in the sea.

The region’s exact boundaries is a subject for discussion – you will see many different definitions depending on whom you ask. Some say that even the central parts by the Spanish border should be included while others believe that the Silver Coast refers only to the parts near the Atlantic Ocean.

We believe that the coastline between Peniche, in the south, up to São Pedro de Moel, is the best coastline in Portugal and perhaps in all of southern Europe!

The coastline is about 240 km long, from Santa Cruz – just south of Peniche – in the south up to Espinho – just south of Porto – in the north.
Portugal Agent is specialized in the southern parts of the Silver Coast. From Peniche, in the south, to São Pedro de Moel, in the north, with an extra focus on the coastal strip between the three small towns of Nazaré, São Martinho do Porto and Foz do Arelho, as well as areas further into the country with fantastic cities like Alcobaça and Batalha, to name a few.
We believe that the coastline between Peniche in the south up to São Pedro de Moel is the best coastline in Portugal and perhaps in all of southern Europe!
The scenery is fantastic and you will find living towns all year round. It is only during a couple of summer months that the beaches and hotels will be busy, however never as crowded as for example the French riviera. During the rest of the year the area is ”Authentic Portugal”. No closed restaurants during the winter and no charter hotels. Instead, a lot of culture, fantastic green nature and many different sports opportunities all year round. And in addition to this – the sunset in the ocean! Many homes in the area offer a sea view as the entire coastal strip is located on a slope in which the upper region is more than 100 meters above the sea level. You often see the Atlantic ocean even if you do not live right on the coast.


Vast beaches (you will always find a private beach if you like), hilly terrain with expansive views in many locations. Hiking trails, forests, sand dunes, agricultural landscape. And past the coastal strip: vineyards and traditional agriculture with crops and livestock.


Fantastic in every way! Surfing is world class. Peniche has one of two stops of the World Cup surfing, which says a lot about the quality of the surfing waves there. Here, you will also find everything that a beginner as well as the experienced surfers need with regards to shops, surf schools, rentals etc, always surf waves! Lately, Nazaré has become famous for the biggest surf waves in the world – they typically come during the winter. A most spectacular view.
World class golfing, mountain biking, racing biking, hiking, jogging in the amazing scenery and the fresh ocean air, to mention a few of the things that you can do on the Silver Coast.

On the World Heritage List

The region has four attractions included on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites: the Monastery of Alcobaça, the Monastery of Batalha, The Convent of Christ of Tomar and the University of Coimbra. Besides the World Heritage Sites, there are a number of other things to explore around the area. For example the historic villages and castles that defended Portugal’s borders, such as Óbidos – an ancient town surrounded by a large wall and dating from the times of the Roman Empire. In the eastern part of the area, near the Spanish border, you will find Portugal’s single ski resort located in the stunning National Park, Serra da Estrela. Here, one also finds the mainland’s highest mountain with its 1991 meters above sea level. Portugal’s highest mountain is located on the Azores, Pico, 2,351 meters above sea level.
About 35 km north-east of Nazaré, is a large national park “Parque Natural das Serras de Aire e Candeeiros” with beautiful scenery in the mountains, hiking trails and just north of there, in Pia do Urso, amazing mountain bike trails – 265 km of signed trails from green (easy) to black (experienced bikers only). Pia do Urso also offers the only footpath for the visually impaired throughout Europe.

Portugal Agent – the story

Portugal Agent – the story

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