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December 8 – Pinhão

8 December 2021

Pinhão is considered the geographical center of the Douro region and many of the farms that produce port wine are located here. The river makes a sharp turn here and it is hard to tell which way that brings you to Porto. It is located approximately 120 km from Porto – a very nice drive with many small vineyards on the steep hills.

Even better way to get here is by one of the river cruising ships or by the famous train. The train station at Pinhão is worthwile visiting. It was built at the end of the 19th century. It was restored in 1937 and the façade was then covered with 24 panels showing the production of port wine. 3.407 tiles in all!  

When here – why not check in at the famous Vintage House Hotel where the picture was taken. We didn´t know about the place before but said to ourselves: “this is a place to revisit – for sure”. The Douro valley is fantastic!

Get a glimpse of Portugal through the Advent Calendar 2021 from Portugal Agent.  Follow us to 24 different places in this beautiful country. One picture and comment every day until X-mas Evening.

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