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December 20 – Praia da Légua

20 December 2021

In our view – the Silver Coast is at its best in-between Nazaré and the small village Paredes da Vitória, 20 min drive north of Nazaré. The coastline from Praia do Norte and up to Paredes is unexploited. You can walk on the beach for hours just by yourself. There are a couple of small, charming places with some houses; Praia da Légua and Vale Furado with the excellent summer restaurant MAD.

This picture is taken one of the last days of November this year. Nice waves, sunshine, and no wind at all. Might as well have been Cap Verde or Caribbean, right? In 15 minutes, you are here if you go by car from Nazaré. Or why not bike here? Or even better – hike through the pine tree woods and endless beaches? 6 km hike from Sítio – recommended!

Are you looking for a property in this area? You have come to the right place – we are here to help you! We live in the area, and we love to explore our new home country. We often experience that we have even better knowledge of the area than many locals.

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We love Nazaré

We really love all of Nazaré. The nice people, the beautiful beaches and the dramatic coast line.”

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