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December 18 – Serra da Estrela

18 December 2021

Closed due to snowfall. We had winter tires on our 4-wheel drive car and the skies packed. We have heard that Serra da Estrela had heavy snow coming. Excited we went up the winding steep road from the main city Covilhã on the southside of the hill.

After the small village by the Luna Hotel, we were the only ones on the road. All other cars were parked by the side or sliding around further down the hill. When we were almost at the top (top at 1.992 meters) we couldn´t go any further. The road was closed… due to too much snow! Skiing is not a big sport in Portugal, and we understand why. Regardless, Serra da Estrela is beautiful and perfect for hiking and MTB. Best when it is not snowing…

You get her by car from Lisbon in about 3 hours, a bit less from the Silver Coast. There are also tour operators that bring you here by bus. Several nice hotels and vacation homes in the area.

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