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Covid-19 Update

22 March 2020

During these times with the Covid-19 the Nazaré Municipal Services will remain active by phone service. For citizens who do not speak Portuguese, a special helpline in English and French has been set up.
Phone: 931 104 441

As of Friday March 20, the municipality has started cleaning and disinfecting places in the town that have greater circulation and concentration of people. Sodium hypochlorite diluted in water is used for this and it is carried out by the service personnel at the municipality with the help of the Nazaré Volunteer firefighters.

More news from the municipal of Nazaré in the fight against the Covid-19 virus is found here: Camara Municipal Nazaré. Read about the donation of 50 000 euros from Nazaré to the hospital of Leiria and the message on March 18 to the citizens of Nazaré from the mayor Walter Chicharro.  

Citizens who suspect that they have been infected are asked to call SNS24
+351 808 24 24 24 before visiting a hospital.

We at Portugal Agent have the office closed and we are working from home until April 2nd. You are of course welcome to contact us by phone and mail as usual. We are also able to show selected properties that are for sale using FaceTime.

Welcome to us in Nazaré the digital way!

Kari Forsén, +46-70-910 95 60, mail: kari@portugalagent.com

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