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Nazaré´s city hall approves the 3rd amendment to PDM

19 August 2019

The City Hall of Nazaré approved, by majority, a proposal from the Services to begin the process of amendment to the Municipal Master Plan (3rd amendment), which should be completed within six months.

The purpose of the procedure is to install a mechanical solution that improves the connection between Pederneira and Praia, using “sustainable mobility practices, to the detriment of using motorized individual transport”, says the approved proposal.

The village’s Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan had identified the need to establish a link between the two places, advocating a funicular as a displacement solution to bridge the existing gap and making the “universality of access to health services, commerce, equipment and other living and active structures that are generally located on Nazaré beach ”.

The implementation of this transport infrastructure is designed for a space inserted in “green areas of integral protection” (art. 46º of the Regulation) where there are normative constraints within the scope of the PDM, not being allowed, among others, the urban development and execution of any buildings except those intended to support their upkeep and maintenance.

The proposed amendment already provides for the installation of the mechanical means: “except for the provisions of paragraph 1 all actions involving the implementation of mechanical means of mobility (lift, funicular), provided that they are properly framed in urban mobility planning instruments, and that the area covered by these actions be limited to what is strictly necessary during the construction, operation and decommissioning phases of these infrastructures ”.

According to the approved proposal, the owner of the land, in Pederneira, where it is intended to install a part of the infrastructure, accepted the constitution of the surface right in favor of the Municipality.

It is now proposed to amend the PDM, which will be subject to an environmental assessment process and a 15-day period for preventive public participation.

News from “City Hall of Nazaré”

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