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Great interest at Swedish fairs

30 March 2022

Around 10.000 people visited the fairs in Gothenburg and Stockholm in March. And many people come to our new stand at PortugalAgent.

During two weekends, March 5-6 in Gothenburg and March 26-27 in Stockholm, the Real Estate Fair Buying Property Abroad was arranged again after almost 2 years of having to cancel due to Covid. We at PortugalAgent celebrated with new design in our stand and we were happy to see so many come and visit the show and us. During the two days in Stockholm, we had around 6.000 people visiting the show. Some clients even booked their trip to Portugal and the Silver Coast at the fair!

Many questions about the Silver Coast, buying property in Portugal, Madeira and new client group

We had many questions around our experience of living in Portugal and the Silver Coast and the process of buying property and the new tax rules. We also see a change in the type of people who are interested in Portugal; now we have more younger people with families and children who are looking into a new life in Portugal. New working habits working most of the time from home make people take the step. Intersting!

We were also happy being able to offer the ultimate spot for people who are looking for a green place with perfect climate all year around – never cold never too hot – Madeira. Such a beautiful island and only a 1 hr 40 min flight from Lisbon.  

Tax seminar with a Portugal theme

Monday evening after the shows we arranged tax seminars focusing on Portugal. Three themes at the seminar; we talked about the Silver Coast and the process of buying a property in Portugal, Daniel Callervik and Johan Ekander from VP bank talked about asset management and Stefan Thomsson from Global Tax Sweden gave good insight into tax benefits when moving to Portugal.

These seminars give a good opportunity for the guests to have a more in-depth understanding of the themes presented. And having time for questions and listening to what others ask about is always a good learning. We received very nice feedback from both seminars which is of course encouraging

Crypto currency – or crypto is accepted

New for this year is that we can sell real estate in Portugal and accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment! This is done through a collaboration with Xerof.

Here’s how it works: You buy a property through PortugalAgent and pay with cryptocurrency. Our partner Xerof converts the payment to Euro. In this way, our seller gets paid in Euros!

Win-win! Welcome to buy real estate and pay with crypto.

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