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31 August 2016

The 7th round of the World Bodyboard APB, which will feature the world’s best athletes in the sport, takes place 3-11 October in North Beach.
The Bodyboard World Tour 2016 started in February in Hawaii (Onahu), he went to Tahiti; Itacoatiara (Brazil); El Gringo (Arica), and in September will be in Portugal, in Sintra (13 to 18); Viana (21 to 25), and in October in North Beach, with the completion of “Nazaré Pro”.
The Mayor, Walter Chicharro, has expressed his “great satisfaction with the World return, ultimate proof of this sport, you get to have more and more followers, but also the recognition of the APB to the role that the North Beach plays in promotion of sea sports and the country. ”
“The North Beach is undoubtedly the best beach breacks the world and this event will continue to affirm the potential of our waves,” he added the mayor, stressing “the importance of Nazaré PRO in spreading the versatility of the waves of Nazaré for practice of wave sports. ”
APB also manifested quite excited about the return to Nazareé, where he expects athletes exceed their limits.
“We are extremely excited about the Nazare Pro this year as Praia de Norte is one of the best Bodyboarding locations in Portugal and with a 10 day contest window we will get to see the sport in its best light. Praia de Norte is an incredible venue for the APB Tour and our athletes will be pushing the limits come October as the world title battle closes in!”, declared Alex Leon da Association of Professional Bodyboarders (Chief Executive Officer).

Notícia : http://praiadonorte.com.pt/blog/bodyboard-world-tour-na-praia-do-norte-nazare/

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