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Beach lifeguard Nazaré for five months a year

11 July 2016

The proposal made by the City Council and accepted by the Captaincy of the Port of Nazaré.

According to the mayor, the investment in the safety of the beach will be discussed with dealers, but the Local Authority expresses its readiness to ensure some charges, such with hiring lifeguards outside the bathing season, in the name of security and well-being of those seeking this beach.

Strengthening security aims to improve the quality of the beach, which has the Blue Flags, Accessible Beach, Golden Beach and Quality Coast 2016-2018.

For the current bathing season, we made several interventions on the beach, which increased the conditions of hygiene and safety.

Access to the bathing area was improved; cleaning the beach enhanced with new machinery acquired for this purpose and team Hygiene and Cleaning for cleaning the beach; installation of 100 pallets and a walkway for access to close to the bathing area for wheelchairs or pushchairs; a chair and equipment aid station the castaways with Automatic External Defibrillation equipment.

At the beach, near aid station is also a team from the Red Cross, which during the day ensures medical support, strengthening the service provided by lifeguards and the municipal fire department.

News from the Municipality of Nazaré.



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