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Awards Portugal City Brand Ranking delivered to Nazaré

13 May 2016

Bloom Consulting delivered this week to Nazaré, the brand premium Star National Tourism and Tourism of the Center for the position in the Top Visit National and Central Region, won by the municipality in the 2016 edition of Bloom Consulting Portugal City Brand Ranking .

“It was with great satisfaction that we delivered to City Hall this award. Congratulations to Nazaré for a great job, which reflects a 30% increase in online searches worldwide for this city, “said Philip Roquette.

According to the criteria of the City Ranking in analyzing the Portuguese municipalities that make them better to live, visit and do business, Nazaré occupies, in the Central Region, the eighth position, having registered an increase of 12 places over the last study published this company.

The Mayor, Walter Chicharro, said it is a “very important prize for Nazaré.

“Nationally, the Nazaré occupies the 39th place, which is a rise of 32 places; and it is eighth in the regional rankings, presenting itself as the 10th level of business; the 2nd to visit and the 23th to live in the Central Region, “said the mayor.

Also according to this study of Bloom, the surf was one of the most popular topics online on the city.

The City Brand Ranking is released the third consecutive year, and results from the crossing of statistical data on three key areas (business, visit and live) with the research that is done on the internet about each municipality. It also measured the presence in the municipal web – preferably being rated the number of followers of each city.

According to the company, the purpose of the study is to measure the strength of the brand of Portuguese cities, allowing compare them in different areas.


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