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The 1st stage of the Freeride World Championship IFWA, will be played in Nazare Beach.

12 May 2016

Organization PJSBA – Portuguese Jet Sports Boating Association, with the support of the municipality of Nazaré.
The world’s best will toast the Portuguese audience with stunts that defy the laws of gravity.
“It’s a fantastic opportunity for motorsport in Portugal. This test, for its spectacle, can captivate even those who are not fans of racing Water and JetSki jet skiing. It is also an event that attracts audiences of all ages, and Nazaré is the perfect setting, “says Luis Fragoso, representative of IFWA in Portugal”.
The Freeride is a radical category Jetski, mixing surfing with aerial maneuvers and use the waves as a ramp. The power of the machines is not the most important, because what stands out is the ability and creativity of pilots evaluated by a jury that ranks the performance displayed in a system similar to Surf.
Carlos Truta, the Organization representative, expects “the presence of about 30 pilots, from Europe, Japan, Argentina, Brazil and others, a spectacle that the public will not forget.”
The national stage will be the 1st of 2016 count for the World Cup and the European Championship.

News of the Municipality of Nazaré

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