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3º Nazaré Paddling Event Powered By Crave Surfboards.

19 August 2016

This is the third edition of an event dedicated mainly to Stand Up Paddle (SUP), whose objective is to celebrate the practice of this sport that so many fans have conquered the world.

As part of this event also finds himself the 2nd Nazaré Surf Family, whose activities include a beach cleanup in the emblematic North Beach, an Open Day with surfing experiences open to the public and also an inter-escolinhas championship.

For the third consecutive year the Nazaré SUP Experience will be held. This is a focused day to all who want to learn and try for free this mode and with the presence of local athletes Marco Steel and John Vidinha.

The Nazaré is undoubtedly a prime location for the practice of SUP for having excellent geographical and maritime conditions, which provide a short coast excellent waves and calm waters. For these reasons, the national circuit SUP Wave and SUP Race Technician, return to take place in the sea of Nazaré, which are expected again conditions for great show.

So held on Saturday August 27 (in beach set) the 5th stage of the national circuit SUP Wave will be the last of the year and decide the national champion of the sport and on Sunday 28 August on the beach of Nazaré will place the 3rd stage of the national circuit SUP Race Technician. Registration for these tests should be performed on the website of the Portuguese Surfing Federation.

Additionally, it will be carried out during the weekend (27 and 28 August) the National Campaign for SUP promoted by the Portuguese Surfing Federation and will be attended by the National SUP scroller, Franz Orsi.

At the end of Sunday’s race will be made SUP Race Kids consisting of a path in a straight line with one turn and with a total length of 300 meters.

For information and registration contact cdan.nazare@gmail.com email and keep an eye on the CDAN’s facebook page where they will be disclosed more details.

The event schedule is as follows:

2 Nazaré Surf Family
Aug. 24 – 10:00 Cleaning of North Beach // 14:30 Open Day – Surf Experience in the Nazaré beach
Aug. 25 – 14:00 Inter-Escolinhas Championship in the Nazaré beach

3ºNazaré SUP Experience
Aug. 26 – 10:00 Open Day – SUP experience in the Nazaré beach

August 27 – 5th Stage of the National Circuit SUP Wave 2016 (beach set)

August 28 – Stage 3 of the National SUP Race Technical circuit in the Nazaré beach

27 and 28 August – National Campaign SUP FPS

The 3rd Nazaré Paddling Event Powered By Crave Surfboards is organized by the Nazaré Alternative Sports Club in conjunction with the Portuguese Surfing Federation and its main sponsor brand local boards CRAVE SURFBOARDS.

It has the institutional support of the Municipality of Nazaré, Nazaré Port Captaincy, Naval Nazaré Club Swimmers Saviors Association of Nazaré and Volunteer Firemen of Nazaré.

Sponsors of this event are:

– Surfears
– Natur Park Paradise Valley
– Mr. Pizza Nazaré
– WAVE Wetsuits
– Guingau
– Miramar Hotels
– Sushi Lovers Nazaré

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