Why Portugal Agent

Portugal Agent is a real estate agency that takes pride in having a personal and long relationship with its customers. We know what is required to sell your property. Our marketing methods as well as technology tools, alongside our personal touch, allow us to find the best way to sell your property and achieve your goal — that is ours as well.

Buying a house or an apartment is usually one of your largest investments and it needs to meet the needs of each family member. We commit to having an in-depth understanding of your needs and finding the property you are looking for. Therefore, you will only spend time on objects that can be of interest for you, rather than everything that is on the market. Once you have your new property, we will assist you with whatever is needed to make you feel at home.

International Experience

We understand your needs

Local Knowledge

We know the area and the right price

Good Network

We have the right contacts

100% commitment

We help you with all details before and after

Find your property

We will find what you are looking for

Free valuation

We know the right price of your property

International Experience – we understand your needs

Portugal Agent has its office in Nazaré, located on the Silver Coast of Portugal. Two of the founders of the company are from the area and have a wide experience from working with real estate there. The other two founders are from Sweden and bought properties in Nazaré in 2013. Therefore, they have recent personal experience of buying property in Portugal. Furthermore, they come with a vast experience of running business in real estate, effective web marketing and multinational large enterprises. Together, the team has the ability to understand both the seller and the buyer´s needs, regardless of whether they are Portuguese or international.

Local Knowledge – we know the area and the suitable price

Portugal Agent (*) is specialized in the southern parts of the Silver Coast. From Peniche, in the south, to São Pedro de Moel, in the north, with an extra focus on the coastal strip among the three small towns of Nazaré, São Martinho do Porto and Foz do Arelho, as well as areas further into the countryside which include fantastic cities such as Alcobaça and Batalha, to name a few.
The Portuguese owners of Portugal Agent live in the town and have been in the real estate business for more than 10 years. They have helped more than 500 clients in the buying and selling process, both in Nazaré as well as in the surrounding area. We will help you with:

  • Finding the property you are looking for
  • Being your guide in choosing the object property
  • Finding the suitable price of the property
  • General advice in the buying and selling process as well as in issues related to this
  • (*) Imo Nazaré became Portugal Agent

Do you want to know the right price of your property? Contact us (link to sub-page Free valuation)

Good Network – we have the right contacts

The founders of Portugal Agent have both the background from the real estate business in Portugal as well as in Sweden. Furthermore, we have long experience from web marketing in Sweden – we know what is necessary to give the property you want to sell the best exposure. We have recently bought property ourselves in Nazaré and know what makes people satisfied when buying property in Portugal. Here are areas in which we can be of help:

  • Contact with tax advisors in Portugal as well as in your local country
  • Contacts with competent authorities when buying a property
  • Contact with skilled craftsmen
  • Bank contacts
  • Extensive network in Sweden for marketing the property that you want to sell
  • Contact with real estate partners in areas in Portugal where we do not operate ourselves

After Sales Service – we help you with all details

Portugal Agent offers a wide variety of after sales services. Many real estate agents leave the buyer after their purchase has been completed. We know that many customers also need help after wards, especially if you are new in the area or only live in your house during short periods. We want you to feel safe and comfortable. These are examples of areas in which we can be of help:

  • Contact with local business people whose services we have used ourselves and with who we like to work; carpenters, painters, electricians, swimming pool maintenance companies, gardeners,etc
  • Insurance, Alarm system, Internet service
  • Swimming pool service
  • Holiday rental – a source for good extra income
  • Cleaning
  • Gardening
  • Looking after your property when you are away, checking mailbox,etc
  • Others, such as furniture stores, porcelain,decoration, rugs/carpets, curtains,etc…link to Links ?
Portugal Agent – the story

Portugal Agent – the story

Why did we start Portugal Agent? And how did we end up with the team we have? Both the local expertise as well as the team from Sweden?

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We went to Portugal to visit Nazaré and some other places that could potentially be our new home. When standing...

Anette Arvfors and Jan Ström

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