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International Wind Festival in Nazaré, May 2020

29 October 2019

The event aims to bring together on the beach of Nazaré (south) the world’s largest enthusiasts of outdoor activities that use the wind as the driving force.

Surfkite, powerkite, landkite and windsurf will be some of the activities foreseen in this kick off edition of an event that is scheduled for May 8,9 and 10, and will bring together recreational, sports, educational and scientific activities linked to the 3 core elements. : the air, the land and sea.

Aiming to amplify Nazaré’s international projection, the Wind Festival estimates it will attract thousands of new visitors on the eve of the start of another bathing season, anticipating this season of strong demand for bathing tourism.

“It is an attempt to use the assets that Nazaré has, such as the wind; the long sandy beach of the village, and the Viveiro Stadium, for the parrots. We want to extend the bathing season, from the beginning of May ”, explains Manuel Sequeira, vice-president of Câmara da Nazaré.

According to the provisional program, the event will start with competitions and demonstrations and kitesurfing and other types of water kite (Freestyle, Race, Speed, Wave); windsurfing and sailing; landkite / kitebuggie; and the recreation of a wind farm with the installation of windmills, fans, mobile art, flags and other wind powered devices.

The second day of the Festival will feature ballooning (with demonstration and flight baptisms); Hang gliding and Paragliding and powerkite demonstrations / competition.

The event will close with workshops on building kites, windmills or micro generators, kite contest (schools), traditional Chinese kite exhibit and static and acrobatic kite show / exhibit.

During the three days there will be workshops to build paper kites; photo and video competitions will be held on the theme; The exhibition of Chinese handcrafted parrots (in partnership with the Orient Museum) will be exhibited and multimedia spaces will be running to promote the themes of the Festival.

China, the country that invented the parrot in antiquity, will be the guest country of the first edition.

“This is something that does not exist in Portugal. Only Alcochete has a theme-related event through a parrot contest. We will go further, namely with the presence and practice of the various wind sports. ”

News from Nazaré´s City Hall !


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